The Better Part

Have you ever noticed how the last part of a food item tastes better than the first part? As you near the end of that meal or dessert, you could become saddened that the experience has to end. For that reason, you choose to savor that last portion (unless, of course, a toddler notices you eating it and asks for it just as you wind down to that wonderful last bite).

As today is December 1st, it marks the official “last part” of the year. Regardless of the good or bad things that occurred in the first part, this marks a semi-new chance to start fresh. Whether you quit your resolution for your organization or business ten days into it, you haven’t been giving a full effort, or you simply never started on your goals, now is a good time to start a end-of-year resolution.

Resolve to get back to the entrepreneurial gym and give it your all in working out your vision/mission. Resolve to that strengthen an idea or project. And, yes, resolve to sneak away from the toddler to actually get to enjoy the last bite of something (just be sure to burn the calories back off somehow). No matter how good or bad the first portion of this year has been, you have it in you to make the last portion the better part.

Keep Calm and Create

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