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We offer an Operations Manual Creation to assist in documenting or enhancing policies and procedures, as well as streamlining organizational systems to make processes easier and improve performance. This systems plan develops administrative systems that can streamline the organization and improve performance. These systems can include workflow, reporting, expenses, operational practices, and cost reductions.

Creative Complex’s Business Plan makes it easier to put your “business thoughts” on paper, define the high points of your organization, and create an operational blueprint for securing funding and maintaining focus.


With our File System Organization services, we can arrange your electronic files and images categorically for easy retrieval. Our Database Management services can also create, update, or merge Excel spreadsheets to ensure you properly manage your contacts (customers, volunteers, donors, vendors, or funded projects) (also see Build Customer Relationships section).

Our Document Transfer service digitizes hard-copy documents to create editable electronic documents such as correspondence, reports, and forms for the ongoing operation of an office.


Our Training Manual Creation service creates or updates development materials that provide easy-to-understand information based on project-relevant objectives to explain required processes, procedures, and policies for completing tasks in excellence. We can also determine if the training was effective in accomplishing what it set out to accomplish through our survey services (see Measure Performance section).


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