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Maximize the data you have already collected and learn more about those who have already utilized your services or products through our Customer Segmentation service (also see Learn Who Your Target Is and Why section). We can also help you measure satisfaction on your own by sending survey invites and reminders to recent customers through Customer Recognition email services (also see Build Customer Relationships section). We can also conduct the survey evaluation for you (see below), but the results for either avenue will be equally beneficial:

  • Boost customer service for the future
  • Better resolve present customer needs/issues
  • Identify emerging trends that tell a story
  • Assist administrators to make better-informed, more meaningful decisions


We offer Survey Evaluation and Operations Analysis services that utilize Microsoft Excel for evaluating performance trends for a variety of areas such as customer satisfaction, program/activity effectiveness, operational progress (sales, marketing, etc.), and application of training material by participants. We provide the results of the evaluation and identify strategies for simplifying and improving (also see Retain Customers section).


Our Database Management service can input alphanumeric information into a new or existing Excel spreadsheet, and well as clean up small volumes of information you provide. We can take it a step further, if needed, and extract key data for analysis (see Measure Performance section above).


We are sure that you are doing a good job at what you do, but Creative Complex offers Report Creation services that allow you to prove it through annual reports, business reports, and charts/graphs/tables. We can prepare any kind of statistical or research findings you provide, including Presentation Creation services for PowerPoint slides.

If you’ve already started your report or presentation, our Statistic/Reference Generator can identify figures, quotes, or publications that will strengthen the message you’re trying to convey (also see Locate Information for a Foundation Grant section).



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