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For years, marketing studies have illustrated that it’s cheaper to maintain solid customer relationships than to attract new customers. Our Survey Evaluation service not only identifies what you’re doing well or need to improve, but it helps you to get inside the heads of customers, donors, and volunteers to better serve them and make better-informed decisions (also see Measure Performance section).


What customers and other stakeholders think of your organization is reality, so strengthening your relationships with those who have already been convinced of your greatness is key to keeping them coming back and recommending you to others.

Our Customer Recognition service offers email support in proactively communicating with customers to build satisfaction and loyalty. We can create and distribute a mass email to a small group of your choosing (thank new customers, celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, send holiday greetings, or re-engage inactive customers).

If you are lacking a customer database or spreadsheet, or have an outdated one, our Database Management services can help you organize your contact information for customers, donors, volunteers, subscribers/fans, etc. (also see Manage Information section).


If your web engagement (likes, shares, comments) is low, we can help you build deeper relationships through our Social Engagement service. We can take care of the basics for managing your social media or blog profile by posting information that you provide and monitoring activity (spam, fan requests, and routine inquiries).

If you need content to post, we have Website/Social Content Creation services to write customized blog articles and posts that increase engagement and get your articles read (also see Strengthen Web Presence section).


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