Do-it-yourself doesn’t have to mean doing it ALL.

We understand the urge to complete project tasks on your own, whether it’s because of a limited budget, limited staff, or simply because you need to know it is being done correctly. However, this can limit the valuable time you spend serving your customers. We have focused-service offerings that allow you to complete the tasks you’re good at and give us the rest without the expensive full-service prices.

We have the skills needed to overcome challenge areas for non-profits (NPOs), small businesses, social entrepreneurships, and churches:

MARKETING. Letting target audiences know you exist. Check it out>>>

FUNDRAISING. Obtaining money to accomplish your mission. Check it out>>>

ENGAGEMENT. Building relationships of value. Check it out>>>

EVALUATION. Assessing how well you did what you said you would do. Check it out>>>

GOVERNANCE. Maintaining systems to run like well-oiled machines. Check it out>>>

A little help goes a long way, and we’ve got what it takes for you to “do-it-yourself with a twist!”



Creative Complex provides update/enhancement services that transform existing content (in your head and on paper) into a strategic action plan that helps you to move forward, make decisions, and ensure effective project coordination.




Whether it’s market, statistical, educational, or even blog research, we have the skills to help you locate high-quality results quickly. We’re also capable of collecting data specifically about you and finding valuable and actionable insights in existing data to reduce costs, improve service, and create repeat customers.




We can help you create meaningful content that is customized to fit your organization if you’re just beginning your content journey. We are also experienced at ensuring that business, technical, and journalistic documents effectively attract the right audiences and compel them to act/share it.


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