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Know what you’re getting, get it sooner, and get it at a price that fits small budgets.

We’d love to take care of the small, yet critical project tasks for non-profits (NPOs), small businesses, social entrepreneurships, and churches that lack the time, staff, finances, or skills to complete them on their own. To prove it, we’ve scaled our planning, research, and writing services down to your size so you get the right amount of help without breaking the bank:

  • For swamped do-it-yourselfers that still need to complete tasks themselves, we can take the load off and ensure your project is still completed in excellence
  • For lean organizations with limited funding to pay full-service prices, our focused-service offerings help you transition out of the start-up phase in a budget-conscious manner
  • For self-starters that are not a “jack-of-all-trades,” our advanced skills get project tasks completed quickly and give you more time to focus on your core competencies

Our services focus on five challenge areas (marketing, fundraising, engagement, evaluation, and governance), so you have a variety of options to try out a project (or two or three)!

Here’s the Deal:

  • For a limited time, quick start prices range from $49-$249, depending on the service needed
    • Quantities are pre-set and non-negotiable, but we’re happy to scale up offerings to meet the needs of larger clients
  • Project begins after full payment is received (Upon payment, a representative will connect with you via email to gather the needed information and begin your project)
  • Delivery of the finished product will be electronic (through email)
  • By purchasing a package, you agree to the Creative Complex Services Agreement

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